Munich – Walking With The Royals

9 September 2021

Pan’s grimace is indicative of my aching feet after four hours of touring the sprawling Munich Residenz and Museum. Of its more than 150 rooms, a large part is open to visitors and my feet and back feel it. All the more so after a night of little sleep and everything made all the more in-assessable by the huge “Mobility” exhibition all over town. (International Mobility is simply a car show.)


Munich – From Blue Rider to Duckomenta

8 September 2021

I have visited Munich several times in the past so looking for new experiences and sites. Munich is more than beer and English Garden. And a lot of the best museums are grouped around the Königsplatz making it convenient to visit a plethora of art and artists. Unbeknownst to someone having not visited Munich for a couple decades, even the old is pretty new.