DATES:  John was born ca 1764 in Virginia. He died 7 Mar 1837 in Wayne County, Ohio.

MARRIAGES: Based on the birth of John’s children, he married his first wife about about 1793. The location would have probably been in Virginia. This Unknown spouse would have died between 1811 and 1819. John married Mehetable Crofoot Murdock in 21 Mar 1820 in Wayne County. Mehetable is NOT the mother of John’s children. However, she is the mother of Elizabeth Murdock who married John’s son James. Another daughter Sibbel married James Huff who is mentioned as a son-in-law in conjunction with John’s will.

HISTORY: John was probably born in Virginia, possibly in a county that later became part of West Virginia. He enter the Ohio territory about 1805 and by 1810 farmed  around Lake Fork in Wayne Co. OH until his death in 1837. (The area where John farmed and owned a sawmill became a part of Ashland Co. when it was formed from Wayne Co. in 1846.) John and his family ultimately settled along the Jerome Fork of the Jerome River in Mohican Township, Wayne County. John Shinabarger is buried at the Mount Zion Cemetery in Lucas, Richland County, Ohio. This cemetery and adjacent church is about 15 miles from John’s farm. It is suspected that his first wife is also buried there.

Mehetable Crowfoot Murdock Shinabarger died 2 Nov 1849. Mehetable is buried in the Attica Venice Township Joint Cemetery in Attica, Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio. It is unknown why Mehetable was in this area.

CHILDREN of John Shinabarger and UNKNOWN spouse:

  1. Jacob Shinabarger born ca. 1794.
  2. Susanna Shinabarger born ca. 1797.
  3. John H. Shinabarger born 1 April 1799.
  4. James S. Shinabarger born 24 August 1801.
  5. Mary Catherine Shinabarger born ca. 1805.
  6. Joseph C. Shinabarger born 2 April 1808.
  7. Nancy Shinabarger born May 1810.
  8. Rebecca Shinabarger born 2 January 1811.


Pat · September 3, 2021 at 11:34 am

Hi Iris, I can send you what I have but there are several Jonathan Tabors. For Jonathan 1712 he is recognized as a DAR Patriot “DAR Patriot Index – Centennial Edition” Part 3, pg 2873. and “DAR Lineage Book” Vol 43, pg 29. Bible Record of Capt. Jonathan Tabor of Westport MA copied from a photostat of the original in possession of Lizzie (Taber) Kakebeeke, Benton Harbor, MI. Submitted to DAR and published in Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine January 1970 p. 38. There is information in the Anna Allen Wright and Albert Hazen Wright book on Tabor Genealogy pp 295-347. There is also a book out there on the “Lost” Tabor Line by Abram G of New Bedford MA. (not clear on that one as my link does not work for it but it was on years ago). I believe there was also a published pamphlet on the family that my mother had but I no longer have it. I have not applied for any of the DAR or Mayflower. Pat

Iris Westerberg · September 3, 2021 at 10:44 am

Pat, I wonder if you have any information on Jonathan Tabor and his father. Do you have any death certificates that prove relationship? I have all I need to apply for the Mayflower ancestry except for those two links. Do you belong to the Mayflower society through the Tabors?thank you cousin for any help you can give me.
Iris Westerberg
Daughter of Simon Pettit
Grand daughter of Martha Shinabarger Pettit

Pat · July 31, 2020 at 10:28 am

Good to make contact. I have seen the Big Y results and indeed they are interesting

First, I am the adm of most of the Shinabarger and similar surnames that you see in the project. It has been a goal of my family since the 1960s to link these surnames. None of us has a patriarch before about 1750 when we appeared in the US. Shinaberry, Shinabarger, Shanabarger and similar spellings are related and seem to root to the same ancestor and it is surmised that it is a Shoenberger or similar Germanic spelling of surname. A few have definitely been eliminated (taking into account any possible anomalies) I believe all came from Germany. I have a summary write up on this that you are welcome to read and it will give you most of what I know at this time. I continue to do Big Y on similar Shinabarger in order to learn more.

Also, please join the Shinabarger Project via FTDNA. I will also message you with further info.


Olivier Raeis · July 31, 2020 at 2:49 am


Concerning DNA analyses I have noticed the SHINABERRY/SCHINABARGER are very close : Y DNA haplogroup R-FT165089 which is also very close to mine : R-FT173794. My family RAÏSS comes from Germany (early 1700s) and stayed in the old world.

My questions : have your made a relation with your branches with Germany also ?
What was the original surname (SCHÖNBERGER or something similar) ?
Do you know the religion of the early SHINABARRY ?

Thanks for your answers. Big Y is a very amazing tool to find male relatioships…

Pat · May 13, 2020 at 11:39 am

Excellent information, thank you so much for contributing. The early family researchers leaned toward Mehetable being linked to the Murdock family, possible a daughter or sister. The 1820 – 21 March John “Shineberry” married Matilde Murdock in Wayne Co. OH. was attributed to John Shinabarger Jr. However, in spite of their research proving wrong, they would be jumping with joy to confirm that it was John Sr. who married Mehetable in 1820. Showing Mehetable and her first husband, Daniel Murdock, were the parents of Elizabeth who marries James S. Shinabarger and Sibbel Ann who marries James Huff. This explains why James Huff was called a son-in-law and was such a close friend of the Shinabargers and played a part in John Sr. Will.

This also means the search continues for the woman that married John in VA before 1794, came to Ohio with him and their 7 children. It is likely she died after the birth of her last daughter, Rebecca, in 1811. Names to watch: Mariah, Mary, Hannah, Nancy?
Kind regards,

Jean Mulhern · May 12, 2020 at 1:44 pm

Mehetable Crofoot/Crawford Murdock/Murdick Shinebarger was John’s second wife, married in Wayne County, Ohio in early 1820. Her first husband was Dan W. Murdock, who died about 1818, Richland Co., Ohio or Mohican Twp. I have DNA links through the Crofoot line and my great great grandmother was a daughter of Alva Murdick, son of Dan Murdock and Mehetable. Thus the search is on for the name and dates for John’s first wife from Virginnia, who likely died in Mohican Twp. between 1811 (birth of her last daughter and 1820 ( remarriage of her husband, documented in two different Wayne Co. Marriage Record books with garbled spellings).

Pat · January 3, 2020 at 2:02 pm

Also, FYI, DNA results are appearing to connect the John Shinabarger family with that of the Jacob Shinaberry (1760) family of West Virginia/Virginia. Several cousins of these families match via autosomal DNA and Y-DNA is showing that these two families may have shared a grandparent. There is also a male descended from the Michael Shinaberry 1773 family who has tested who appears to also share an ancestor with these men. The Michael Shanabarger 1745 family also is testing Y-DNA and appears to indicate a shared ancestor. It has been long conjectured that these similar spelling surnames were related and Y-DNA is indicating this is true. It remains a mystery who their common ancestor might have been.

Jack Pantry · December 30, 2019 at 11:18 pm

I don’t know how far down the line your husband is, nor did you give his name, but there is a lot of information on Find a Grave on Susanna and Abraham Blue, and their 6 children: John, Frederick, Mahala Frances, Peter S., Hannah Ann, and Eliza Jane. Peter S. was the only son that had any children (12). Mahala Frances had 11 Banning children. Mary Frances had 6 Vance children, but only 3 reached adulthood.

Annette · January 22, 2013 at 3:15 pm

My husband is a descendant of Susannah Shinneberry/Shinnsberry (various spellings of her maiden name appear in the records) and I was wondering if you had any information that would ‘prove’ or disprove our connection. We believe that she is the daughter of John & Mehitable. Susannah married Abraham Blue in Mohican Twp, Wayne County, Ohio.
Cambria is lovely!

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