A fascinating subject with more twists and turns than one can imagine.

Understanding DNA and its significance is not an easy task. I am far from an expert. Within these reports, I will attempt to explain what has been discovered as a result of autosomal and Y-DNA tests. Who were the earliest Shinabargers, from where did they originate, and how are the families of the Dozen S’s connected? 

Anyone looking for further information, there is a wealth of research available. I will occasionally add updates and summaries because discoveries and connections are constantly being found.


To get the most from this report, I suggest you read at least generations one and two of the Shinabarger histories posted under Family Chronicles. Each will give you additional insight into the families who will be discussed here. 


In the past, I submitted DNA to the National Geographic’s Genographic Project. The Geno Project was launched in 2005 as a research project in collaboration with scientists and universities around the world with a goal of revealing patterns of human migration. Over 1 million people participated through National Geographic’s “Geno” DNA Ancestry kits. The public participation phase of this research project has ended. However, if you are interested in the deep ancestry of Shinabarger, then read the report below. This report, in general, will also apply to any Dozen S’s who tests as a positive relationship with Shinabarger.

DNA SUMMARY FOR JANUARY 2021 – Shinabarger


When it comes to Bunyard DNA results, there are two reports. I submitted by brother’s DNA to this project. After learning my brother and my Bunyard first cousin, in spite of a non-parental event, are of the same Haplogroup with similar ancient beginnings, I created two reports. The first, “Bunyard DNA Results” are discusses the ancient beginnings of the descendants of James Beal Bunyard 1744-1817. The second report, “Richard E. Bunyard DNA” reflects the findings about my specific lineage which is NOT related to James Beal Bunyard. Though both ancestors originated in the same spot and migrated north for a time, eventually they went their separate ways.


The Bunyard National Geographic report is an abbreviated version of Richard’s report. Because both lineages, surprisingly, share the same ancient history, much of Richard’s report also applies to the ancient paternal ancestors of James Beal Bunyard.




This report includes the maternal side of my own family.



Alessandro · February 19, 2023 at 9:45 am

Hi pat, thanks for your answer, very interesting and complete…so he’s kind of famous in usa and there is a memorial for him in us? Or the memorial you are referring is just the one in 5 terre here in corniglia? (Sorry but my english is not perfect)… yes i will check the link for sure…. my grandmother died in 2017 (she was born in 1921 so probably at some time she was near him) , she used to tell me that he was related with us in some way, no other info ….also i was always interested by his memorial because he looked like someone important, the village is very small and is higly possible to be related, it’s possible also that some other people know something about him here in corniglia ,but i ve never heard of that….i did my own research to discover his story and i tought he was in the confederates , strange but here in italy i couldn t find any info about him on the net and he was rewarded with a medal of cavaliere della corona d italia, (knight of the crown) so he was pretty high in ranking, not counting his service in the msvn (black shirts) apparently he was a leader of the msvn.
A very interesting life indeed that deserved to be discovered.
Your research was awesome and you helped me alot to understand :)..
Many thanks, ale

Pat · February 18, 2023 at 11:24 am

Thank you, Alessandro, for your question. In 2002 my friends visited the memorial for Castagneto and did some research. Both he and I love history and have participated in Civil War Reenactments for years. When I planned to visit Cinque Terre, I tried8 to find his memorial with no success. I had done quite a bit of research in late 2019 but cannot find it now, other than the photo that my friend took in 2002. The Civil War Roll is online. He was in New York City when Gaetano Castagneto enlisted 25 Nov 1862 for a period of 3 years, age 21 (1841) born in Italy. He entered as a Private into Company C of the 55th New York Infantry. He is described with grey eyes, dark hair and dark complexion, 5’6” in height. This was a Union regiment. He was transferred 23 Dec 1862 to Company I of the 38th Infantry. On 3 Jun 1863, he was transferred from the 38th to the 40th New York Volunteers. Other remarks include that he survived the war.

I don’t know if you can use this link or have access to Ancestry.com. New York, U.S., Civil War Muster Roll Abstracts, 1861-1900 for Gaetano Castagneto. There is a history of this regiment and can be found with online searches.

I did think later that probably he was in Corniglia but did not want to climb that hill to the cemetery.

I would be interested if you are a relative or have any other information. I do appreciate his service here in the US.

Alessandro · February 18, 2023 at 2:04 am

Hi pat, in one of your article you write about 5 terre, and of a man in the cemetery of manarola, his name gaetano andreani castagneto he fought in the american civil war …how do you know he was an unionist? He is buried in corniglia cemetery next to manarola….Thanks for the reply

Pat · August 22, 2020 at 4:02 pm

Wonderful. It has become addicting for me as each tests reveals more of our history. I will private message you so you may send me your address. I would love for you to take both a Y-DNA and for Ancestry, which is autosomal.

richard shinabarger · August 22, 2020 at 3:19 pm

Dear Pat, I find your DNA research fascinating ! Thank you for pursuing our history.If you like,I wouldn’t mind being tested.Let me know what to do. Sincerely,Richard Harry Shinabarger

Pat · May 31, 2020 at 3:08 pm

Hi Kipp, So glad you are testing. The more tests, the better the triangulation and confirmation of relationships. Once done with the histories of Shinabarger, I will post online, hopefully by next week sometime. The DNA summaries will come online after that. They are not easy to write but they are fascinating. The final chapter of the Shinabargers cover my side of the family and somewhat of your grandfather. I do not have a lot and would be glad to include any information you would like to contribute for Kenny and Sue. Seems I remember Kenny worked for Studebaker? Remember him taking us to the plant and test track.

Kipp Shinabarger · May 31, 2020 at 2:54 pm

I’ve sent my DNA kit to Ancestry. They it should be ready within the next 6-8 Weeks (from 5/26/2020).

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