St. Gabriel, “Prego, no more churches.”

Beautiful warm weather and bright sunny skies greet our arrival in Verona. After tossing our bags into our room at Albora B&B, we walk to Piazza Bra and the Arena for lunch. We are recharged and ready to see the sights of this lively and beautiful city.

Our two days here are filled with churches like Anastasia, the Duomo, San Fermo, San Lorenzo, and San Zeno. All are unique, some more elaborate than others. I enjoyed the crypt area at San Zeno’s, home of Verona’s patron saint. It bothers me that some of the churches charge entrance fees; it is a way to maintain these grand edifices but churches should be open anytime to the public. As for Gabrielle, she is “churched-out.”

“Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?” Just down Mazzini and to the right.

IMG_1077Our principal destination is the abode of Juliet, Romeo’s main squeeze. We visited Juliet’s  house, which has more artifacts from the Zeffirelli movie than Juliet’ time. However, the structure is interesting and one can imagine Juliet excitedly gathering her shirts and running up and down the stairs to meet her Romeo. Her bronze statue is in the courtyard below her balcony and one must rub her iconic breast for good luck in romance. Above, Juliet’s balcony provides an ideal photo shoot. A hit of the area is the wall leading to the house. Here one is allowed to add a personal graffiti message without being arrested, which Gabrielle does.

 IMG_1091We are not so fortunate with the Tomb of Juliet. “What light through yonder window breaks?” Not Juliet. Though the frescoes and paintings of the old convent and church are on display, we learn Juliet is relegated to obscurity today. Workers replacing water pipes have caused the crypt area to close so alas, no sight of the tomb where it is thought Juliet was placed after her untimely death.

The piazzas Bra, Erbe and Signori, and the great shopping streets around Mazzini are bustling with activity. This is a great city for people-watching and strolling. Gabrielle and I do a good job at both. The areas along the Fiume Adige with its ducks and gulls make for a pleasant interlude to the crowded streets. The gelato and cannoli breaks are well-earned, our dinners delicious. I eat duck as a way to earn my third Buon Ricordo plate. Overall, a fun two days.

It is quite stunning to look north from the Ponte Pietra or Ponte Scaligero, two of the only bridges left in tact after WWII, and see the bell towers of Verona with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains in the distance. Well worth one’s time to pause and enjoy the views.


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