19 September 2021

“ I may not meet a Brockmann cousin….” I previously wrote.

Among my family’s papers were four mysterious envelopes addressed by my grandmother Dora Brockmann to Brockmanns in Germany. One of those envelopes was addressed to Chris Brockmann, Bülts St. 11 in Celle. It was thought that he was a nephew.

Having my German daughter Didi to assist, she looked in the Celle telephone exchange for a Brockmann; a Brockmann was living on Bültstrasse. This was almost too good to be possible.

Wanting to see the last known address for my grandmother, we walked the short distance to Bültstrasse. Taking a further opportunity for information, Didi called the gentleman Brockmann. Explaining our mission, searching for Chris Brockmann, we were invited over to a house just a couple doors up from Chris’ former residence at Bültstrasse 11.

As I wrote two days ago, “I wish I could discover who Mr. Chris Brockmann, Celle, Hannover, Bults St. 11, Germany was….” I figured the chances of meeting a Brockmann cousin was slim to none.

Unbelievably, I have met a Brockmann cousin and I have learned about Chris Brockmann.

Putting all the information together and doing further research will follow. Suffice to conjecture that Chris may have been Grandma Dora’s brother or half-brother. The man we met was the grandson of Chris and therefore my 2nd cousin. He and his wife shared photos and his father’s marriage license. Many names and dates were exchanged and hopefully I can find further clarification and documentation.

It is an exciting turn of events and one more example of how small this world is.


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