8 October 2022

The Call to Prayer is at 5:36 this morning. It is a recording with a terrible scratch at the end. The wind Is SSW 6mph. When in Cappadocia, these two morning events are what matters. The blaring scratch at the end of prayer doesn’t diminish the affect. The wind means no launch and the skies are diminished of color and joy. Bag people are returning at 6:29 carrying their consolation gift for not flying today.

Morning over Göreme, Cappadocia

I start my day with coffee, black and green olives, french fries, cheese, and some wonderful apricots, watermelon, and grapes. There’s jellies and jams for the breads and cookies. I take the bologna for the cats.

Walking town one gets to know the dogs like Mr. New York pug and the beautiful little cocker spaniel; they roam all over town, in and out of restaurants. They are all quite polite and seem to belong to someone and the restaurant owners tolerate them.

It is a losing battle trying to keep the dust at-bay. Everyone is constantly sweeping their sidewalks and sprinkling water. The removed dust finds its way back within hours. Until the utilities are buried and streets finished, it’s a losing battle.

Several bus companies are in downtown Göreme and sell tickets to just about everywhere in western Turkey. The obilet bus App is excellent for times and seats and it even tells which side of the bus will be in sun. The buses are a 1-2 combination and will designate if male or female is in the seat. I booked to depart at 11:15 but the bus was cancelled. He gave me my money and told me to go next door for their bus. I did, left an hour later, was designated a male. So who was most confused here?

We traveled miles of excellent highway and toll roads through pretty much flat farmlands. Lots of wheat; cattle and goat herds graze. A bathroom stop; chilled water and snacks are served. Hills are in the distance with a few high peaks. Those peaks become very tall buildings as we near Ankara

Looking for an exit.

Our bus arrives into the huge bus station of Asti. From there I walk to the Metro station where I get help to find the poorly marked route, a ticket, and the entrance to the trains. Five stations and I depart the metro and walk a couple blocks, cross up and over eight lanes of racing traffic, and enter the even larger Central Train Station, and I do mean large. Passing scanners and security, I struggle to find the exit on the other side of the station. Thank you Google Maps. From here it is another lengthy walk to my hotel. Though Ankara has a large metro system, it doesn’t appear to be convenient; there is no easy connections all the way from Asti into the train station and into many sections of town.

However, I have arrived into Ankara. So far, I am not impressed. This appears to be a very large, busy capital. Think typical downtowns; think traffic. I’m not sure I like this place much. It may be a challenge getting around. From my hotel room, I can see the castle. It is way up there!

I walk down the street and find a mall with a restaurant. Prices are right, I can eat soup and a sandwich for under $7. Google translate is a lifesaver. Without it who knows what I would be eating. No alcohol or sodas so a fruit tea it is. Don’t enjoy the food much but liked the tea.

Then back to my hotel. It is cloudy and rain is expected. Temperatures are about 57°. I look at that castle, way up there, and decide I need some rest. Have to get my attitude in gear for that climb tomorrow.


Retired. Have time for the things I love: travel, my cat, reading, good food, travel, genealogy, walking, and of course travel.


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