Celle – Its Castle of Intrigue

19 September 2021

Walking Celle is like strolling through a Brothers Grimm folktale.

Walk Celle’s streets, ogle its magnificent architecture, enjoy the statues and fountains, and stand in the Markt Plaza when the Glockenspiel rings out. Overall, this is a charming city that should not be overlooked in one’s travels of Lower Saxony.

Celle is situated on the banks of the Aller River and is one of many wonderful cities along the Timber-Frame Road. Attractions include a castle, museums, and lots of street art in the form of a series of figures engaged in life about Celle. But for me, the main attractions are the timber-framed houses, some 400 of them, that line the streets of the historic Altstadt. It’s proximity to the beautiful, and fragrant, Lüneburg Heath is another reason to spend a couple days here.


Why Celle?

17 September 2021

Two major events explain why I visit Celle.

In the winter of 1911, my grandmother Dora left her home and family in Celle to emigrate to the United States. I don’t exactly know why this petite 33 year-old, 5’2” woman, speaking little English and traveling alone would choose to leave her family and move to America. She must have had “spunk.” I know she was a spry 89 year-old.