Perseverance and a Sense of Humor

2 March 2024

The best-laid plans of women travelers can always awry. Or, as one lady described it: shit happens.

I appreciated having a Leap Year in 2024. It gave me an extra day in February. Flying to Delhi, I would be in transit for what amounted to 3 days. Flights were booked, bag packed, and I felt ready to depart for India.


Flight Apps – Making Flying Easier?

There’s a beauty about always being connected and there’s hell to pay. Checking in with my United App, I receive alerts on flight schedules in real time. I can monitor my flight, where the plane is coming from, it’s stops, times of arrival and departure, and arrival gates. That is how I learned the equipment had been switched for my 1:37 flight, evidently the original plane is still sitting in Burbank. That is how I knew my new plane was leaving Medford Oregon – six hours late. Fortunately, there is still time for my connection as I was already blessed with a long layover. So I will leave SLO a couple hours late. No problem. The winds blow in my favor and barring more surprises, I will still arrive into a very cold Minneapolis by midnight. That’s pre-leaping-forward-an-hour time.

Alas, more surprises!  (more…)