Road Trip: Destination North Rim of Grand Canyon 12-13 September 2015

Hiking North Rim of Grand Canyon

I slept in the back of my car last night, listening to huge raindrops slapping the sunroof, and I still had a fantastic time on the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Visiting the Grand Canyon, one of 23 UNESCO sights in the U.S., is all about seeing fantastic views and witnessing the incredible force of nature at work. Only 10% percent of the people who visit the Grand Canyon come to the north rim. So being here is about having hiking trails to myself; about being in nature with the only sounds heard being the wind, birds, squirrels and some scurrying unknowns through the underbrush. Except for perhaps 100 visitors around the North Rim’s Visitor Center, being here is like having the entire Grand Canyon to myself. It’s a marvelous feeling. It’s about nature’s shapes, colors and sizes on a Grand scale. It definitely is not for the acrophobic. (more…)

Road Trip: Destination Jacob Lake Arizona, North Rim of Grand Canyon 11 September 2015


Hidden Pinyon Overlook hiking Snow Canyon SP in Utah

Dinner conversation with the gentleman next to me led to a recommendation to visit Snow Canyon State Park. I’m on my own, I have time, I can’t see why not. So this morning I drive five minutes out of Nevada, 10 minutes across Arizona, and witness Utah turn on the beauty switch. Mother Nature blooms in Utah.  (more…)