Nuremberg’s Castle and Cave

12 September 2021

One reason for immediately liking Nuremberg is I love old walled cities. Nuremberg Castle and city walls represent a formidable medieval defensive system. During the Middle Ages, the castle was one of the most important imperial castles of the Holy Roman Empire. Today, refreshed and caffeine reinforced, I am ready for the climb to explore.

To reach the castle, I follow the city walls. Construction of the present wall started as early as the 12th century and ended officially in the 16th century. Not just the high stone wall but over 130 towers (today 71 remain), seven fortified gates, a flat field (kennel) of over 150′ then another smaller wall and the wide and 40′ deep moat though which water never flowed, protected the city and its inhabitants. Why so much?


Nuremberg – Part Zwei

11 September 2021

It’s an easy walk to U1, getting a ticket and then figuring direction of travel. About 10 minutes later I arrive at my destination: Memorium Nuremberg and Palace of Justice. It is a huge complex but the Palace is closed today, Saturday. My real purpose is to visit the site of the infamous Nuremberg Trials and the event that changed how the world faced international justice and dealing with crimes against humanity.



10 September 2021

When traveling, one so often discovers ways we, meaning my own country of the United States, could do better. Certainly when it comes to mass transit and trains, there is a lot we could learn from the Germans.

Using their DB Navigator app, I easily booked my train from Munich to Nuremberg, paid using my PayPal account, downloaded the ticket to my Wallet and to their app, and boarded my 9:42 am train. Which left the station at 9:42. Once on board, I was able to connect to their free wifi and use their Comfort Check-in, meaning the conductor knew I was there and did not bother to further disturb me for a ticket. So civilized, fast and efficient. We also arrived exactly on schedule. I wonder the last time Amtrak had such success?