October 2022

I fly through Frankfurt at least a couple times a year. I like it less and less. Landing Turkish Airways from Istanbul, we deplaned from the rear. Not good when I am seated in row 5. Why? The Police are doing a Passport check at the ramp. Normal procedure for Istanbul arrivals? Seems to be.

Ride a bus to terminal and transfer to Z gates. More security. What a mess. Long lines and cranky workers. I have a backpack, I take liquids out, my phone out. Not good enough.

I enter the scanner, raise my arms, evidently not quite right so someone positions one hand a little differently. Am I being sculpted? I think of my recent bone density scan and wish these could suffice as I get them several times a year. I must have blinked because a pat down and breast exam follows. I quietly think, as this is not the time for oral humor, all people about to propose should be required to go through airport security together. Might save on later divorce fees. Then another person looks through my little backpack and I suspect my car keys and extra battery triggers skepticism. Who knows.

Finally, I can get to the lounge and have a Weissbier. It has to be after 5 pm somewhere in the world.

I am a 6-minute walk to my gate. In between my beer and the gate is another security check and additional questions. I’m flying on an American passport, Germans mostly like us. What must this be like for others not so favored?

I decide that when travelers go to Hell, they will just loop through airport security ad infinitum.

Despite my traveler’s pessimism, no Covid. Flights were on time, dinner good, movie “Elvis” brought many pleasant memories of “the King.” It is well over 24 hours since catching my flight out of Istanbul and I am ready for sleep and home.

Welcome Home

It’s pitch dark out my windows. I wake up in a fog, my first thoughts being do I have to catch a plane or be somewhere. With relief I realize I am in my own bed. Brain fog rapidly clears as a fire alarm goes off followed by the other four alarms throughout the house. One starts and all the rest follow suit. Getting up, I asked Siri to turn on the light. It’s 1:47 am. He is sleeping though the noise. I do it the old-fashioned way by flipping a switch. Nothing. No power!

My phone light helps me search the house. Nothing. The alarms stop. I go back to bed and check my phone. I received a notice 29 minutes ago that the internet lost signal power. A few more blessed minutes of peace before five alarms trigger again throughout the house. I am sure neighbors must be hearing them.

I dig through drawers for instructions. Tiny print, no lights, what is “latching” and how do I shut them up? I retrieve the step ladder. It appears the culprit is the hall alarm. It’s starving for attention? Silence for a few minutes.


“Press the reset button” instructions say. I do so. Silence. But will it last?

It does.

Welcome home.

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