Seven Considerations Before Booking The Canadian

December 2022

I recently boarded The Canadian to accomplish a travel goal – to ride the transcontinental scenic route between Toronto and Vancouver. Travel was to be simple: I board the correct train and chug along in the correct direction, leaving the rest to Canada. Before departure, I discovered there was more than just buying a ticket. 

Depart from East or West?

I chose this train for the scenery. Direction becomes important for timing passage through spectacular vistas during daylight. Canadian Rail posts a detailed itinerary as to expected time of arrival into each station. Keep in mind, trains in Canada are much like Amtrak in the U.S. – they wait on the freights and a perfect schedule should not be expected. One can arrive early or one can arrive a day late. 


Four Great Finds in Toronto

December 2022

I think of gophers. 

They maneuver just below the surface within an elaborate tunnel system. Their tunnels represent a series of underground areas leading to various broad openings such as a main living area, feeding areas, and toilets. Located several feet deep, these enlargements are layered with accoutrements for survival and comfort. 


Musings From My Flight Deck

October 2022

I fly through Frankfurt at least a couple times a year. I like it less and less. Landing Turkish Airways from Istanbul, we deplaned from the rear. Not good when I am seated in row 5. Why? The Police are doing a Passport check at the ramp. Normal procedure for Istanbul arrivals? Seems to be.

Ride a bus to terminal and transfer to Z gates. More security. What a mess. Long lines and cranky workers. I have a backpack, I take liquids out, my phone out. Not good enough.


Ankara to IST – World’s Best Airport

11 October 2022

Melike Hatun Minaret

Call to Prayer, Fajr, blasted to the heavens at 5:27 this morning. I briefly contemplate prayer time. And with everything else, there’s an App for that. I check out the times for Ankara: the exact times for prayer are calculated based on the position of the sun in the sky so it differs depending upon which city I’m visiting. It also depends upon which calculation method and Juristic settings used. Current setting is the Muslim World League, set to Hanafi. These are things an inquisitive mind wants to know.

I rolled over and went back to sleep.