London England – Top Experiences Amid Old Haunts 

23 Feb – 8 March

It feels good revisiting London. Historic sights, museums, art galleries, and monuments are never tiresome. While much remains the same since I visited over 30 years ago, there are new things to learn and neighborhoods to discover. And one can’t get luckier than having a local show one around. 

The biggest change is London’s skyline. The sky is studded by architecturally stunning glass and steel buildings like the Shard, Gherkin, BT Tower, the Cheesegrater, Boomerang, Strata, and Sky Garden known by Londoners as the Walkie-Talkie. Old standards like Big Ben, St. Paul’s and the Tower Bridge seem to tolerate these upstarts capturing far more photographs in the process.


London England –  Ancestors and Historic Neighborhoods

23 Feb – 8 March 2023

Several years ago, I tested a male sibling for Y-DNA. When one does such things, one needs to prepare for the unexpected. The Unexpected was my sibling didn’t match our male cousin. It seems we have illegitimately carried the surname Bunyard all our lives. A more pleasant surprise was I met my closest male cousin. He lived in Bulgaria, but being the inveterate traveler I am, that posed no problem.