Sharing Hamburg With a Hamburger

22 September 2021

I can’t help it. When eating a delicious slice of pork shoulder, my server thought I was leaving the best part, the layer of crispy fat. “Das ist gut” she points out. Yes it is, I agree, but I have a desire to keep my arteries open a few more years.

So, as I sit in the Frankfurt Airport, perusing Paulaner’s German menu for “soul food,” I cannot pass on the Gegrillte Schweinshaxe as a further threat to my blood flow. Grilled pork knuckles are just too tempting to pass up. I love sauerkraut and just for the fine dining experience, I add a side of buttered Swabian noodles. “Takes half an hour, is okay?” Yes, actually it is perfect. I laze over my Hefeweizen and think of what a great “freedom” trip this has been.


Boarding the Sea Spirit for the North Sea

17 – 22 May 2015

Haarlem Netherlands – prepping for our North Sea, Iceland cruise

Such a deal ! When I read David Rowell’s “Travel Insider” email about the inaugural cruise of Polar Expedition’s Sea Spirit, I was immediately interested. Fourteen days, departing IJmuiden, sailing to Edinburgh, north to ports in the Orkneys, North Shetlands, and Faroe Islands before circumnavigating Iceland. Even better, boarding the ship in Hamburg as an invited guest of Poseidon Adventures for three days of inaugural festivities. How much better could it get?  (more…)