Madrid and Toledo – Spain’s Temptations

15 October 2017

Spain has become one of my favorite countries, a temptation to return again and again. I lacked appreciation, too much a novice during my initial 1972 visit to Madrid and Barcelona. However, my return in 2016 left me with the desire to explore in more depth. Thus, once again, I sit enjoying a churros and chocolate with my friend at Chocolatería San Ginés. (more…)

Madrid España Con Señorita Gabrielle

17-20 March 2016

Decadent chocolate and churros, oh my!

Decadent chocolate and
churros, oh my!

Sadly, there is no such thing as a convenient flight. I am pleased with flights that are on time, reasonably friendly and uneventful with no massive weather delays and no one deplaned by police. I have come to adjust my personal flight pattern by taking more time to get from Point A to Point B – much more time. What once was a painfully long flight has turned into a mini vacation where I am able to browse, lounge, shop, or eat. In need of message or pedicure? Check out the airport. I now visit airports like I once visited cities. All that is lacking is a bed and that can be had for a price. Regardless, if I choose to travel the world, I have no option other than to enter that world of airlines, that tube of recycled air, and subject myself to its pain. No pain no gain.  (more…)