Nautica Captain fends off Pirates

While sailing the Nautica down the West African coast, our Captain Jurica Brajčić spoke to passengers about pirates and the attack made on the Nautica in 2008. Here is his story:

        Captain Jurica Brajčić             Fotograf: Feđa Klarić / Cropix

There were around two dozen passengers today who were on the ship when pirates attacked in 2008. Pirates target vessels traveling 14 kph (9mph) or less and have low clearance to water. Ships are captured for ransom but in West Africa it is oilrigs and ships in ports that are targeted. (more…)

Sailing Oceania’s Nautica

Nautica passengers

What was it like cruising for 30 days aboard the Oceania Nautica? As with everything, likes and dislikes are individual tastes. Here are mine:

There are many pluses about the Nautica. The multinational staff is very good. The rooms are comfortable with marvelous mattress and bed linens, DVD player, plenty of storage, and adequate 220 and 110 outlets. I could bring alcohol and wine on board. Water and sodas are complimentary and water is always on the gangway as one debarks. Also, my cell phone received a signal on days at sea and in most ports (I have a SIM with both US and international numbers). Nautica’s best attributes are its size and itinerary. These were the two reasons I chose to sail with Oceania and in neither was I disappointed.


Exploring the African Continent

Oceania Nautica

It is back to Africa for me. I fell in love with South Africa and its people during my travels in 2006. Fascinated by Africa’s history, intrigued by its politics, and yet horrified by its disease, poverty, and politics, I am eager to return to the continent. This time my friends and I travel North and West Africa for a glimpse into a part of the world I barely know. Many of the countries I will travel have acquired new names since I attended school during Africa’s “colonial” period.