Creating a Travel Podcast

Creating podcasts came from my desire to decrease the weight of paper and guide books and increase my information and enjoyment while traveling. My first podcast, Poland, also came about because I was well aware that I would never be able to pronounce the names of streets nor ask directions because of my total ignorance of Polish.


Bratislava Slovakia

12-16 July 2014

From St. Michael's Gate overlooking town hall tower, UFO, St. Martin's and Bratislava Castle.

From St. Michael’s Gate overlooking town hall tower, UFO, St. martin’s and Bratislava Castle.

Rarely in the 21st century can I travel in a country before the tourist explosion changes everything. I like Bratislava because it feels ‘eastern European.’ Travelers call it the “new Prague” and this could be true. Under its layer of grime, crumbling facades, Communist apartments and historical city center lies a fascinating, fun and up-and-coming travel destination. Not many Americans come here so book now before the hoards overrun this city as they did Prague.  (more…)