Creating a Travel Podcast

Creating podcasts came from my desire to decrease the weight of paper and guide books and increase my information and enjoyment while traveling. My first podcast, Poland, also came about because I was well aware that I would never be able to pronounce the names of streets nor ask directions because of my total ignorance of Polish.


Warsaw Poland – The Royal Way

26-29 July 2014

Warsaw's Royal Palace and square

Warsaw’s Royal Palace and square

I have walked more than 150 miles of Poland, enjoying its art, architecture, museums, fortresses and churches, and learning more of Poland’s history. My last days in Poland will be touring Warsaw or Varsava as the Warszawian’s pronounce the city. The city’s harrowing story is one of death and destruction, uprisings and resilience, pride and rebuilding. A story of a city and its citizens rising from the ashes of war. A story of its Jews. A story written in its art, photos, films, music, architecture, and in the streets of Warsaw.