Trans-Siberian to Shadrinsk

11-12 March 2010

Looks cold and probably averaging 20 degrees with 3 feet of pristine snow as we pass thru the undulating hills of the Urals on our way to Shadrinsk. We are about 940 km out of Moscow (all time and distance is in comparison to Moscow) and it is sunny with blue sky. People are walking to work as we pass thru villages. The air is clear and I note no pollution. Many little houses of greens, blues, and yellows and many local dachas. We are learning what the locals mean when they say “Moscow is not Russia.” (more…)

Traveling the Trans-Siberian Railway

I am home and organizing my wonderful memories of Russia and traveling the Trans-Siberian rails in winter. It was quite an interesting experience, as all travel should be. I traveled with Yvonne, my friend from Switzerland, and my iTouch. Rather than the complete text sent home via Siberian wifi, I will post a few summaries of the stops along the route from Moscow to Vladivostok. (more…)