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Toledo Archives - Pat's Place

Madrid and Toledo – Spain’s Temptations

15 October 2017

Spain has become one of my favorite countries, a temptation to return again and again. I lacked appreciation, too much a novice during my initial 1972 visit to Madrid and Barcelona. However, my return in 2016 left me with the desire to explore in more depth. Thus, once again, I sit enjoying a churros and chocolate with my friend at Chocolatería San Ginés. (more…)

A Day in Toledo España 

By Gabrielle Bremer – Through the Lens Photography

img_2051.jpgPublic transportation is stunning in Europe. Everything is fast, clean, and comfortable. It was only a 40-minute train ride to Toledo from Madrid. From the station, we walked into town. Up the huge hill, we sorta climbed, thank God for (more…)

Toledo España Con Señorita Gabrielle

19 March 2016

Toledo 1972

Toledo 1972

What impresses me immediately this morning is the easy, clean, fast and beautiful rail service and train stations we use to travel south to Toledo. The one drawback is the first train is sold out so we wait an hour. Should have bought tickets yesterday.

However, the hour is not wasted. Madrid’s rail station has a wonderful tropical, garden with a plethora of turtles to keep one occupied, plus comfortable lounge chairs. Heavy security checks bags and person before we are allowed into the boarding area so extra time is needed to meet the train, which does leave on time. The high speed takes 33 minutes to speed through 74km of Don Quixote’s windmill country and costs 20.60€ round trip. (more…)