Trekking with Chimps – Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda

20 January 2017

Totti shares his forest

I met Totti and Uluru today. They are chimpanzees living in the Kibale Forest of Uganda. Its tall canopy of fig trees provides most of what they need from food to branches and leaves for nests. I am trekking this marvelous forest in search of its unique flora and fauna. Seeing me, Totti and his young friend climb down from their treetop. It seems Totti wants his belly scratched as he rolls over and lazily stretches to his full height of 48 inches and more. He’d make a good center for the Knicks. Arms outstretched, nonchalantly kicking back, Totti’s yawn displays his giant canines. I wisely chose not to accommodate him and stand my distance. (more…)

Entebbe’s Gardens and Chimps

13-14 January 2017

Cannonball Tree, Entebbe Botanical Gardens

One can see just so many churches, monuments, or museums before all becomes a blur of facts, antiques, or statues. While I cherish all my experiences, I believe the ones I remember most vividly are the trips that included nature and wildlife. I don’t forget the penguins, alpacas, whales, elephants, lions and tigers and bears, oh my. The hiking of mountains, jungles and park trails are indelibly impressed upon my mind. My trip to East Africa will be no different. Not only do I look forward to seeing the natural flora and wildlife of the area, as a researcher of my family DNA, I am returning to Man’s ancient roots. (more…)