Frankfurt Germany – A Pleasant Stopover 44 Years Later

25 September 2016

“Hate at first sight. If there is a thing as love at first sight, then Frankfort is at the opposite extreme. Left peaceful Heidelberg for dust, strip joints, and drug addicts. Got my mail at AmEx and got on next train out of town to Mainz .”

These were my words in the summer of 1972 after 50 days of travel and what must have been a tough night. I remember I went straight to the AmEx office, picked up my mail, got some cash and boarded the next train out of town. Flying through Frankfurt in 2016, I decided it was time I revisited this city. I am extremely glad I did. (more…)


 31 August 2016 – Destination: Frankfurt International Airport  Flying used to be so much easier before one person could pass by security without screening and result in an entire airport being emptied. All in-air flights may be rerouted, schedules disrupted, appointments missed, reservations lost. How do they know a person Read more…