31 August 2016 – Destination: Frankfurt International Airport 

Flying used to be so much easier before one person could pass by security without screening and result in an entire airport being emptied. All in-air flights may be rerouted, schedules disrupted, appointments missed, reservations lost. How do they know a person was missed? That little scribble on a boarding pass? They didn’t initial my electronic pass so how would they know I passed through security? Or not? They have their ways.😼 

Meanwhile, I am a passenger in one of those movies of the 60s when the plane kept circling, lost in time, hoping to spot something other than dinosaurs each time they exited cloud cover. This is an experience of the current decade: crazy people, crazy ideas, a mobile population traveling the world, busy airports, tight security and tighter nerves. The 12″ of leg room onboard seems insignificant to circling an airport until personnel can be screened and return to their jobs. 

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