Top of the World – Glacier National Park

Once site of Glacial Lake Missoula

30th Aug – Not only did I loose an hour for Mountain Time, I lost a day. Then I discovered I rushed the month, too. I know precisely where I am, just not what day it is. To be on a road trip and unaware of the day is ideal.

I drove north to Glacier National Park. Drove a different route to visit the Bison National Refuge. It is a 19-mile gravel road out of MoIese on the northwestern side of the refuge. Twisting, climbing to over 4700′ with awesome vistas of what used to be the huge Glacial Lake Missoula and what is now a vast valley basin, I find driving around the park peaceful and solitary. Wildlife consists of bison, elk, deer, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, and black bear. (more…)