What I Remember About Cuba? Fidel Spoken Here.

DSC04404POLITICS: Always remember: It’s complicated.”

“Revolucion Siempre” Always the revolution. In Cuba, revolution counts, and not just the one in 1959. Signs and slogans are everywhere. Cuba is a country of revolutions: against Spain in 1868 and 1895, and Batista and imperialist intervention in 1959. When I think of Cuba it is one-dimensional: Fidel/Communism/State; for Cubans this is not true. Cubans may not have confidence in Fidel but Cubans never fail to support the revolution. (more…)


19 December 2013: LA HABANA de CUBA

Che at Revolution Square

Che at Revolution Square

“Havana is Havana, the rest is grass,” probably said by a Habanero.

I prefer “If you don’t get out of Havana, you haven’t seen Cuba.”

Everyone is ready for Havana. We speed along the Autopista, a bumpy, wide, but straight highway from Che to Fidel. The highway was designed for landing airplanes in case of war. War was a real fear for Cubans: both because of the one-sided political rhetoric and because we Yanquis are only a few miles north. Our drive is comprised of cane fields, banana trees, a few ox carts, grazing cattle, and acres of fertile land vanishing under thorny marabou.  (more…)



Horse carts more numerous on streets than cars.

Horse carts more numerous on streets than cars.

Rough and narrow roads filled with more horse carts than cars. Dense fields of maribou; grazing cows and horses, pigs and chickens running through yards; vegetable gardens; men cutting marabou for charcoal, machetes chopping away; mountain peaks to the north, and everywhere the banana tree. Temperatures cooler and humidity lower. Lush and green Cuba is a tropical paradise. Columbus thought the island “More beautiful than any I have ever seen.”  (more…)

SANCTI SPIRITUS – lively and spirited colonial city


13 December 2013: SANCTI SPIRITUS

16th century Parroquial Mayor is Cuba's oldest church.

16th century Parroquial Mayor is Cuba’s oldest church.

I experience a four-hour bus ride through the least developed area of the island: narrow road with no paved shoulders, some sugar cane fields, pig and chicken farms, goats, sheep, busy small towns, cattle, horses, trucks, bikes, people transports, and pedestrians. The slim road is a gauntlet of movement. (more…)

Dear U.S.A.: May I Please Visit Cuba?

9 December 2013: SANTIAGO DE CUBA
Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

After much research, my final decision was to ask my government’s permission and legally travel to Cuba. I remember the revolution and Fidel’s verbose entry into  international politics, sweat the missile crisis, lived 50 years with the U.S. Embargo of this island, and read about Cuba. Now I wished to meet Cubans and see Cuba for myself – B.C. (before capitalism – alas. I am too late.) (more…)