Zippers and Pockets

31 January 2017

The romance of travel isn’t always evident by the one currently experiencing it. Truthfully, the romance exponentially decreases with the longer and farther one travels. Flying to East Africa from the west coast is right up there with a dental implant.   (more…)

Bwindi Village – People Helping People

26 January 2017

A day walking the community of Bwindi is a day well spent. Available for me are a luxurious room; abundant and well prepared food; services of maid, cook, laundress, masseuse, and room service. No request is too small, no wish is denied. Meanwhile, outside my door are people with few if any of these amenities. It is a humbling experience. (more…)

Queen Elizabeth National Park – Cruising the Kazinga Channel

21 January 2017

Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) is Uganda’s most visited national park. QENP occupies over 764 sq mi of savannah and forest, volcano rims and crater lakes, salt flats and swamps in the Western region of Uganda. The park extends from Lake George in the northeast to Lake Edward in the southwest and includes the Kazinga Channel which connecting the two lakes. Our Mweya Safari Lodge sits on a volcanic rim overlooking the channel and its myriad of animals. (more…)

Trekking with Chimps – Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda

20 January 2017

Totti shares his forest

I met Totti and Uluru today. They are chimpanzees living in the Kibale Forest of Uganda. Its tall canopy of fig trees provides most of what they need from food to branches and leaves for nests. I am trekking this marvelous forest in search of its unique flora and fauna. Seeing me, Totti and his young friend climb down from their treetop. It seems Totti wants his belly scratched as he rolls over and lazily stretches to his full height of 48 inches and more. He’d make a good center for the Knicks. Arms outstretched, nonchalantly kicking back, Totti’s yawn displays his giant canines. I wisely chose not to accommodate him and stand my distance. (more…)

Road Ruts and Humps – Kibale Uganda

19-20 January 2017

Ndali view over Lake Nyinambuga

My roomie Nancy is an Olympian! Wearing a Nike Fuel Band, she typically earns after a normal day and exercise class, 2400 fuel units. Today, riding the roads of Uganda, she was congratulated for her achievement of 4400 fuel units. All for surviving the bumps and grinds of Ugandan roads. 

Truly, having traveled for 10 hours from Murchison Falls to Kibale, I sing “The road is long, With many a winding turn, That leads us to who knows where…But I am strong, We’ll get there….” Neil Diamond must have travelled with Nancy upon the roads of Uganda. (more…)