28 September 2023 I rejoice that I visited Ankara last year. Ankara possesses good museums, a 9th century citadel, old neighborhoods, Roman ruins, peaceful parks, and is home to the Anitkabir, the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemel Ataürk. Unfortunately, none of these sites will be visited this trip. But, the goats Read more…


Birthplace of Abraham

27 September 2023

Aurora, goddess of Dawn appears over My Nemrut. Zeus and the other heads witness a new day. After my Mediterranean breakfast and Turkish coffee, I am wired. I board our van to drive southeast to Urfa. We leave the province of Adiyaman and drive through the Fertile Crescent of the Euphrates Basin. Historically, this may be one of the most fascinating of the world.



Sunset with the Talking Heads

26 September 2023

The windy road to the royal sanctuary atop Mt Nemrut can be a scary experience. The van steers through stunning views of mountains, valleys, rocky gorges and forests. It, our route is narrow and rough. Up the rocky mountain, the road curves and twists. We climb to Mt Nemrut.



Into Earthquake Country

25 September 2023

Another long drive with views improved by the towering Taurus Mountains. Turkey is a mountainous country and the Taurus Mountains curve 350 miles through southern Turkey separating the Mediterranean coast from the central Anatolian Plateau.

It extends all the way to the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Turkey’s highest peak is Mount Ararat in the east at 16,854’; peaks in the Taurus range are as high as 13,504. Snow skiing is a popular sport.


Cappadocia or Kapadokya?

Fairy Chimneys or Penises?

23-24 September 2023

The whole of Asia Minor is built on ancient, fascinating rocks. Those of the Cappadocia region of Turkey are especially so. After a very long day on good roads, I arrive in Mustafapasa, a major city of Cappadocia. I am surrounded by a unique landscape of caves, carved domiciles, and “fairy” images. My lodging for the next three nights is the Old Greek House, a massive stone structure built in 1879.


A Change in Geology

22 September 2023

Today is “a long scenic drive”. In tour terms, this means prepare for over 300 miles in a van. There can be varying degrees of discomfort. Usually there are stops ever 2 hours. Thankfully, there is always a Magnum ice cream bar involved.