Valencia España con Gabrielle

24-25 March 2016  –  Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Our drive from Málaga along the Mediterranean Coast Highway is clear and smooth as we zip our little Volkswagen Polo around and through the Sierra Nevadas. This is Spain as I imagine: brown, open and arid land, hills and mountain ranges in the distance. These provinces of Andalucia contain the highest point of continental Spain, 11,411 ft above sea level. And the sparkling, azure Mediterranean is along our right. There are multitudes of olive trees, oranges, and low hot houses as far as we can see.

Our modern Ibis Valencia Hotel concierge told us everyone has left town for the weekend, encouraging us to just drive the few miles into the city. That most locals have left seems obvious as we maneuver deserted streets and easily park the car around the Plaza de Toros. Totally different experience from our last few days. (more…)

España’s Semana Santa

By Gabrielle Bremer – Through the Lens Photography

A young Nazareno during Semana Santa

A young Nazareno during Semana Santa

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is celebrated by Spanish Catholics. It is a breath-taking celebration that takes place from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday (March 20th-27th this year). This is a week of annual commemoration of the Passion of Jesus Christ; it is filled with music, costumes, and processions. Along with that comes the celebration of life, people, and the sacrifice from their Saviour. (more…)

Málaga España con Gabrielle 

22-23 March 2016

Nazarenos and Penitentes

Plans for museums and historical landmarks fly out the window after five minutes of bearing witness to a Semana Santa procession. Skip the Picasso Museum, another church, the park, the Alcazaba Palace. Save our energy. This time of year is all about the spectacle of the cofradias. Having the stamina for Holy Week in Andalusia is our sole focus. The next two nights we will celebrate Semana Santa in its birthplace – Málaga.   (more…)

Granada España con Gabrielle

21 March 2016

Granada, land of dreams for me
My song becomes gypsy-like
When it is for you.

My song made of fantasy
My song a melancholy flower
That I come to give to you.

We collect our car and head south to Andalusia, Spain’s rocky, sun-baked southern coastal region Here is embodied much of what one thinks of as Spanish: tapas, matadors and music. Yet it was under Moorish rule from the 8th-15th centuries, a history that shows in its architecture, including such cities as Seville and Córdoba, and Granada’s Alhambra palace, our destination for today.  (more…)