Vicenza Con Gabrielle

 Welcome to Italia. “Transportation strike is to begin at 10am and last until 1pm.” In true Italian style, they strike but are polite enough to tell you ahead of time and limit the inconvenience. Unfortunately, noting the bulletin at 9:55am with a 10:50 train to catch is not how I want to begin my morning. We rush to the vaparetto stop and hope for the best. And indeed, we receive good fortune. We reach our train with time to spare and are whisked away to the small city of Vicenza just 45 minutes east of Venezia. (more…)


Clock Tower of Piazza dei Signori

9 June – Padova

For about the price of a glass of wine, I ride the punctual high-speed train with aria condizionata, electrical plug and WiFi to Padova. Entering what has been earthquake country since 20 May with a 6.0 and a 5.8 on the 29th. Centuries-old buildings are beautiful to behold, but shake them with a major quake and see them fold. I hope my hotel has been retrofitted.   (more…)