It’s a wonderful time of the year in Cambria. Even though our temperatures are record highs this month, it is still ideal weather for coastal inhabitants. The foggy weather of summer has abated and given way to blue skies, cool nights, and best of all, our annual Scarecrow Festival.

During this month-long festival, local businesses and clubs go all out on ingenuity and artistry to create their scarecrow. Situated throughout East and West Village and along Moonstone Beach, over 350 displays range from Scary Habits (four nuns and a priest), Fess the Elephant Seal, Curtis the pumpkin poacher, Carmen Miranda, the Cycling Scarecrows (who actually are cycling), and a wonderful display of The Lion Witch and Wardrobe.

Lots of tourists in town and all busy taking photos of the scarecrows. And why not? It’s another gorgeous, perfect day in Cambria.

Sponsored by the Cambria Historical Society, you can find more information and a gallery of photos at: Cambria Scarecrow Festival | Cambria Historical Society.

For additional photos of scarecrows, visit my Cambria page for a 9-minute movie highlighting the 2011 festival.

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