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Hello Kitty EVA Airlines

Hello Kitty EVA Airlines

TOKYO, 8:30 pm, 25 Sept: This past plane connection, or lack thereof, added an unexpected 62nd country to my list and checked off my wish to fly on a Hello Kitty Jet. My United flight was late leaving SFO, headed into the makings of Typhoon Pabuk, and arrived 40 minutes late into Tokyo. But I have to give United credit for efficiency and preparedness. I deplaned hoping to make my connection and fearful of consequences if I didn’t. Never made it to the gate: The Connection Desk already had my reservation for a flight tomorrow on EVA’s Hello Kitty Jet, a room at the Nikko, dinner and breakfast chits, and even a three minute call which I used to call my Taipei hotel. Custom’s officer even notified we were coming through.

Can’t complain except for the long lines at immigration and high humidity. My hair is finding entirely new ways to kink and curl.

And who wouldn’t like raw squid and seaweed on the breakfast smorgasbord?


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