By Gabrielle Bremer – Through the Lens Photography

IMG_1560.JPGVenice has definitely been one of my favorite cities so far. From the water to the masks everything was great. It’s a place with no cars or huge crowds this time of year. It was nice to be able to lounge around on the boats and see the canals, mountains, and the open sea. 

One thing that is very overrated about Venice is the Gondala Rides. 80 Euro for half an hour and you aren’t even guaranteed all the time. We shared the ride with some other girls to split the cost but it was not plesant. All they did was sit on their phones and gossip. I recommend that if you are going to do one of those rides then do it at night and not share with anyone. 

A new food that I tried was Squid Ink Pasta. It’s spaghetti with a squid ink sauce and pieces of squid. At first the huge squid tenticles in my pasta did not look appetizing but once you got over that part it was actually really good. 

Something that was fun to check out was their markets. Their arrangement of produce was like an art to them and some of the sea food they had was very bizarre. 

I don’t think I have ever seen so many pigeons in one place. Hundreds of pigeons in a single square and they were all very well fed. People would bring bread or cookies to feed the birds. There was one guy that must feed them everyday because he took out his corn and whistled and all the birds came running towards him. By the end he was covered in pigeons. 

Venice is a nice laid back city where sometimes it’s just better to sit back with a glass of wine and watch the boats pass by. Definitely worth the visit.


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