Armenia – Mountains, Monasteries and Megaliths

25 September 2018

The excitement of spotting
Mount Ararat

Traveling south along the shoreline of Lake Sevan, we have had it too easy and begin to climb into the mountains traversing switchbacks up to the 7,900’ Vardenyats Mountain Pass. The views just gets better and better as our little caravan winds along the Silk Road Wine Trail. Mountains, unique rock formations, deep gorges, green plateaus with large herds of sheep, and shepherds’ huts dot the landscape. 

And then, just around our next turn, atop Vorotan Pass, there to the West, looms Mount Ararat, snow covered and proud, poking above the near mountain peaks. And there, just for a minute, is Lesser Ararat, 4,000’ shorter than big brother but equally exciting to see.  (more…)

Welcome To Armenia

24 September 2018

Willie Nelson is singing in my ear. As so often happens during these marathon travel-fests, “On The Road Again” resonates in my brain like the bass drum at a rock concert. We depart Tbilisi south through somewhat flatter terrain and cross the border at Bagratashen into Armenia. Our farewell to Georgia is very appropriate as we drive through Shulaveri, the well known ‘city of grape seeds’ where some centuries ago the prized 8000 year-old grape seeds were discovered. 

The Georgian/Armenian border crossing is uneventful and easy: off our van through Passport, onto our van to drive a few feet. Off our van with luggage for a final goodby, a walk through Passport and customs to board a large Mercedes bus. The Passport guy had lovely eyes and smile and perfect English, offering a “Welcome to Armenia.”  (more…)