Along the Historic Nile – Murchison Falls National Park  

17-18 January 2017

Tent camping at Baker’s Lodge overlooking historic Nile River

What can I say about game drives? You drive around in a huge open safari jeep hoping to spot game. It reminds me of the long drive to Disneyland and the challenge to be the first to spot the Matterhorn above the freeway skyline. But now I am looking for lions, big elephants and chubby warthogs. I am driving to Murchison Falls National Park to explore its grasslands and spot its wildlife.  (more…)

Entebbe’s Gardens and Chimps

13-14 January 2017

Cannonball Tree, Entebbe Botanical Gardens

One can see just so many churches, monuments, or museums before all becomes a blur of facts, antiques, or statues. While I cherish all my experiences, I believe the ones I remember most vividly are the trips that included nature and wildlife. I don’t forget the penguins, alpacas, whales, elephants, lions and tigers and bears, oh my. The hiking of mountains, jungles and park trails are indelibly impressed upon my mind. My trip to East Africa will be no different. Not only do I look forward to seeing the natural flora and wildlife of the area, as a researcher of my family DNA, I am returning to Man’s ancient roots. (more…)

Flying to Africa – A Marathon of Endurance

10-12 January 2017

Tipping our wing to the lights of predawn Chicago

Travel has become a Marathon experience. Or maybe it’s just me. Distance, time, lack of convenience, age? Either/or, or all of the above?

Distance is a challenge in itself. I am flying from the West coast of one continent to the East Coast of another: United States to Africa, California to Uganda.  (more…)